Casino cheating popular methods

It seems that in current time casinos are at the height of their fame, which could be proved easily if consider the huge quantity of gambling games and their rapid development and spreading.

There are crowds of inveterate and experienced gamblers who regard their purpose in life to work out such universal and unfailing playing method that would have allowed them to bet casino constantly. Although, there are a lot of smart and clever people among them, who know perfectly that it is a casino who is in favor in long run while some certain player could be a winner only from time to time, the attempts to figure out so-called gambling philosopher's stone seem not to cease ever.

Naturally, all these efforts have not brought the desired result yet, but on the other hand a lot of different cheating methods during casino history have been developed.

Let us describe most interesting and widespread of them.

Past posting

Past posting, or late betting, means that some players make their bets after all gambling stakes are already made. In such way the cheaters get an advantage over the rest of players, because they have a little more time to access the situation having known other gamblers' bets.

To make it clear let's take an example of past posting in roulette, where it is performed so that gamblers place their chips on certain position on roulette table after the ball hits this position on the wheel.

Hand mucking

Hand mucking means that cheaters need to palm the desirable cards and then exchange them for unfavorable cards without being noticed during the game.

Marking cards

There are a lot of ways to mark some cards so that cheaters would know what the kind of card combinations the dealer and other players have, which provides them with extra advantage over the uninformed gamblers.

In case the cheater is able to use this information wisely, the additional knowledge could increase his/her chances of winning by leaps and bounds.

Using high tech electronic devices

A huge variety of cheating methods have become possible recently owing to appearance and rapid development of modern technologies.

For instance, in slots a special mini laser cold be used, which is able to interrupt regular slot machines performance if point its light on highly sensitive Random Number Generator inside the body of slot apparatus.

Roulette cheaters might juggle with hitting slots on roulette wheel if stick some electronic magnets under it and rule them with remote controller.

In blackjack some illegal electronic equipment, which allows getting perfect card counting results, could be used.

However, modern casino security service is also well-informed about such kind of violations and applies different preventive measures in order to avoid them.