Best casino guide how play slots, roulette and blackjack

At the present time there is a huge amount of casinos of all types and kinds located all over the world and offering infinite number of gambling games.

The best way to find suitable and reliable casino is to look through some objective casino reviews, which contain detailed and useful information about different casino's types and games, their features and playing peculiarities.

Casino's historical roots

The notion 'casino' originated from Italian word 'casa', which is translated as 'house' and was used first and foremost for definition of cozy Italian villas in green calm suburbs.

In 19th century the term became customary for the description of various buildings that were built for different leisure activities like listening to music or dancing, not obligatory for gaming purposes. There are some casinos that have never been used for gambling at all: for instance, Copenhagen Casino serves actually as a theater, or Finnish Hanko Casino was firstly used as a banquet hall and in current time it is exploited as a restaurant.

The first mention about 'true' casino, where gambling was allowed and practiced intensively, is about Venetian Ridotto, grounded in 1638 by the city government in order to control gaming entertainments during famous Italian carnival periods.

Concerning American casino history it seems that first casinos were called 'saloons' and served primarily as bars where people could have got some booze and played different games.

General casino rules

There is no sense to look for the best casino guide or universal casino tip how to win as it is simply impossible to create the one.

The reason is that casino rules vary essentially not only from country to country, but also within casinos playing halls and even games. For instance, odds for blackjack in the same casino are likely enough to be dissimilar at different playing tables.

Nevertheless, some more or less common gambling regulations still exist. Let us list them, so you would gain an impression about typical casino's performance.

  1. There is a generally accepted age limit for gamblers, which is usually about 16-21 years in most European countries and 18-21 years for the US.
  2. Casino's games could be divided into two rather diverse groups: the first one comprises games of skill, which are mainly poker and blackjack, and the second one consists of games where luck is a crucial factor for players' possible winnings. The latter group includes roulette, slots, craps and baccarat.
  3. All casinos through the world have positive house odds, which means that in long run it is a casino owner who is in favor, not gamblers. Even in games, where players compete with each other, the house withdraws a certain commission for participation.