Casino History

Ever since man learned how to play, gambling has been around - for war results, for money and for estates, for example. By definition, a "casino" refers to a building or public room for amusements, most of all for gambling.

Now, in Italy, casino actually means "little house" and is used to refer to small summerhouses or villas made for entertainment and pleasure. However, by the 19th century, the term was used when talking about bigger public facilities, as well - where activities like sports and gambling took place. Through the years, casino games were able to provide lots of entertainment. If you are wondering where the fascination for such games began, read on.

Ancient History Gambling

Gambling has been around for a lot of centuries now and items connected to it from 2300 BC were found in China. Writings that showed gambling signs were also found in Egyptian pyramids, so gambling definitely isn't something new.

Occasionally, gambling is famous for playing a personal part in its own history. One example for gambling exists in 1020, when Norwegian King Olaf and Swedish King Olaf met up to decide who would own the isolated Hising area. Unable to agree on a resolution, they used dice and the highest one won. That is how the possession of the place was determined. After that quite unusual dice game, Hising then came into Norway's possession.

Online Casino History

As technology developed through the years, human desire to reach advanced entertainment forms has also developed. As one examines how popular and successful the Internet has become, one might also realize that online casinos have made an appearance. This refers to the online version of land-based traditional casinos that give players the chance to play famous casino games online.

Even though games of gambling have existed prior to the Internet version, the chance to really play online casino games from anywhere with actual money is quite new. This actually only became real in 1994, after the Free Processing and Trade Zone Act was passed in Barbuda and Antigua. With this law, it became possible to act as jurisdictions for gambling license issuances. Matters related to it started to roll fast and the very first casino online eventually opened in 1996.

Gambling at online casinos has become an entire industry involving big amounts of money, as well as millions of people playing all over the world. Aside from actual games, a development has also occurred in various fields - like systems of online banking - while needs arose for safe and advanced services of electronic payment.