Online casinos that accept MoneyBookers have significantly increased within the last several years - so much so, in fact, that MoneyBookers is now seen as a highly common casino payment processor the world over. Having said that, a lot of online casinos trust MoneyBookers to give players very fast transactions.

About Platinum Play

For one, Rushmore Casino allows players to deposit with MoneyBookers and withdraw with the e-wallet of MoneyBookers.

This would be awesome news for anybody who loves flashy casinos since Rushmore has much better graphics and games compared to older casinos online. At the moment, the deposit bonus stands at $888 for Rushmore Casino, if MoneyBookers is used for the payment.

No doubt about it, Platinum Play would count as a top casino online that accepts MoneyBookers for payments.

Thanks to Platinum Play, it is possible to cash out winnings and deposit at the casino right away with a MoneyBookers account - and with ease, to boot. Right now, Platinum Play even provides a huge double bonus of $400!

The Ease and Speed

By playing at an online casino that accepts payments from MoneyBookers, you will also come to find that these transactions almost instantly go from the MoneyBookers account over to the cashier of the online casino, so you no longer have to wait just to get to your most-loved casino games.

With Moneybookers, players can easily make payments on any poker site and online casinos. There is only one thing the user has to do: get an account at Moneybookers and begin sending money from any credit card or checking account. By using Moneybookers, these users can pay online without sharing sensitive information with stores, poker sites and casinos online.

A lot of great online casinos and poker site accept Moneybookers as an option for payment now. As a matter of fact, several online casinos and poker websites will even give users of Moneybookers extra bonuses for putting it to use as payment. This offer cannot be found at all of the Moneybookers poker websites or casinos, though, so make sure you look for the special bonuses prior to signing up.

The top Moneybookers poker sites and casinos out there will let players use Moneybookers for payments for free without any extra fees. Players who would rather use Moneybookers might have to deposit certain amounts depending on the poker site or online casino rules, though. Usually, Moneybookers transactions are instant. Afterwards, any deposited Moneybookers money will then automatically appear inside your online casino or poker account.